Friday, August 5, 2011

One Minnesota Writer: First Five Fragments for Friday

One Minnesota Writer: First Five Fragments for Friday


  1. "Priority is a stress-inducing word."


    No longer in the driver's seat
    That dreaded thing 'priority
    O'er the years I've had my fill
    Out with the dirty wash water - go

    Hard enough - the battles in life
    Time to set new headings
    My compasses point north
    I'm on a newer better journey

    I've paid those dues over time
    Tired of kissing butts you see
    I did my job as best I could
    I never cut no corners

    To live for me - work for myself
    A pleasure I deserve
    All my life in someone's pocket
    Now I'm out and free

    Some would call me lazy
    with less responsibilities
    I now have more resolve - am stronger
    Laugh at me all you will

    I still have deadlines i must meet
    I eventually get out of my bed
    The stress I feel in my life to day
    I have to get up and eat

    Lovin' it!!!

  2. Hello - I'm so glad to see my blog posts are inspiring you! I'd love it if you commented on my blog when you use an idea so others can see, too. Thanks for posting the link! Happy Saturday.