Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Puppy love and loss

Hi Matt, I am so sorry for the loss of a family member, Shamrock. Our pets become our kids at times. It is good to see folks who care so much for their animals. After-all, they are people too. My daughter volunteers at the Dog Gone Inn of Manlius, caring for abused or discarded animals, dogs mostly. They are a rescue center and a designated no-kill shelter. If the animal saved is never fostered or adopted, it lives out its life there. Stop down sometime and have a look at all the smiling faces. My story about these homeless dogs was sent out to Portugal and won first place for November, 2009. The three dogs in the story were adopted shortly after the story went out. That same story went to fifty plus countries and to 3000 book club members. It was a great way to raise awareness of the plight of these precious animals - man's best friend.

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