Sunday, March 14, 2010

Let the Wind Blow

Let the Wind Blow

The wind we see it, where it is

And where it goes at times

Rustling through the trees

Moving leaves and branches

And when the breeze stands still

You know it’s simply waiting

To summon winds and gales

Becomes a mystery to most

You often feel a gentle brush

Upon cheek or through the hair

When the winds blow furiously

And trees bow, touch the ground

It garners awesome powers

Times astride with lightning

With thunder, rain, and the like

We know it’s up to mischief

We see It topple over buildings

And taking trees right with it

Nothing in its path seems safe

So under shelter wise men go

When we think of gentle breezes

And their purpose on this earth

How the struggling butterflies

And bird on wing seem helpless

Without the wind to lift them up

And carry them in their flight

So come dear wind  and blow

Upon the land - we welcome you

And if you must at times blow hard

May we in all those times find shelter.


  1. I felt the wind in my hair and could hear it in the
    trees! This is one of my favourite poems. Thank you
    for sharing it with me.
    Holly (Dublin, Ireland)

  2. Holly, Thank you for this comment. I have art work that goes with most of my poetry and storytelling. I will be in an art show June 5th and 6th in Syracuse, NY and will be displaying many of my pieces then. To see a few of my art pieces simply email me at

    Check out Art Trail Show by googling( westcott art trail show, syracuse,ny)

    Where eagles fly,